Track, secure and protect your gadgets. Buy and Sell with Trusted Users.

Our innovation, TrueOwner, is a trust-worthy application with a reputation of protecting our subscribers' gadgets and vehicles from theft and/or misplacement. It also enables our subscribers ascertain the authenticity of their gadgets through its special feature Truecheka and sell their items through another special feature Truemarket.

Deliberately built for the above purposes, TrueOwner has proven to be a very useful application that cannot be ignored in this generation, especially in such an era of ours when the world is witnessing a surge in the rate of crime and insecurity (in a negative light), as well as online marketing (in a positive light). Established in 2020, we have so far, in a short time, convinced our subscribers that their interest is our concern and that we stop at nothing to ensure their items continue to enjoy maximum protection through our cutting-edge and innovative technology. What we require for this to happen is for you to create your personal profile on TrueOwner and register your items' identification numbers like: IMEI number for mobile phones and tablets; VIN Number/Chassis number for cars together with your personal details and seller's details coupled with an initial payment of N 1000 for five months' subscription. However, a subsequent monthly subscription fee of N200 will be required for continuity. Once these criteria are met, you can begin to enjoy our quality services. Since TrueOwner's services cut across different demographic and geographic strata in the society, we ensure that we continue to serve our subscribers with equity, respect, empathy and sincerity. Therefore, you can be rest assured that every bit of information you share with us is kept with utmost confidentiality.

As we welcome you to, please note that our team of experts are always willing and ready to assist you in providing solutions to any of your needs. Welcome once again to our world, where your gadgets and vehicles are safe and protected, and you can sell and buy without stress.


Why TrueOwner?

TrueOwner is your home of guaranteed protection of gadgets and vehicles which include: phones, laptops, tablets, cars, buses, etc whose IMEI, Vehicle Inspection Numbers (VIN) and chassis numbers can be registered for easy tracking and recovery in case of theft or misplacement; easy purchase and sale in case of trade; and easy verification in case of need to confirm originality.

We ensure that we utilize topnotch technological means to secure your gadgets and vehicle so that in case they are stolen or misplaced, the culprit or finder cannot easily use or sell them to another individual.

Through our wide-reaching network, you can also sell your gadgets or buy from other subscribers via our app without much hassles. Verified owners, who have registered the IMEI numbers and vehicle inspection numbers together with chassis numbers of their gadgets and vehicles respectively on TrueOwner, can easily transfer the ownership of such gadgets or vehicles to intending buyers or beneficiaries. Regular dealers in gadgets and vehicles (i.e. both local and international dealers) can also register to sell their gadgets and vehicles on TrueOwner.

Create an account

Create an account on TrueOwner to have access to create an online profile of your items. TrueOwner app is also available on IOS and Play stores.

Fund your wallet with a minimum of ₦1000

It costs only ₦200.00 (Two hundred Naira) Monthly to keep your coded items active on TrueOwner. Though as a starter, the minimum amount you can deposit on your wallet is ₦1000 (One Thousand Naira). This will cover your subscription for 5 months. You can fund your wallet via Visa, Mastercard, Paystack or any payment method of your choice that is listed on our platform. Notwithstanding the administration fees mentioned above, tracking of mobile phones and vehicles via the platform attract a commission which will be communicated to you via the sub sections pertaining to them

Add your Item(s)

Registering your gadgets or vehicles with their IMEI numbers, chassis numbers or VIN numbers together with your details and seller's details provides every necessary information we need to ascertain your ownership of the items and then inform you of any recovery information or attempt we have whenever your item(s) is/are reported stolen or missing.

Renew monthly subscription

Your initial subscription of N 1000 covers your gadget for five months. However, you can decide to renew your monthly subscription with a token of N 200 or pay additional subscription fees at any given time to cover proceeding months.